Day: November 6, 2019

Everyday Plumbing Tips – How to Avoid the Common Pipe Problems

Now that we have entered the season of chill winds and freezing temperature, chances are we are going to face the common pipe problems encountered every year. Flooded basement, leaking ceilings, and choked drainage are some of the horrible scenarios almost everybody faces by the end of the year. Among these, the worst case is the burst pipe. The good news is that such costly scenarios you can easily avoid by acquiring little knowledge and ensuring regular maintenance.

This is what plumber Singapore industry is known for. Having an advice from a professional plumber in Singapore will help you avoid all common plumbing problems this year. This article presents everyday plumbing tips, based on the advice taken from several professionals, to avoid the common pipe problems. These tips will help your pipes work smoothly throughout the year.


Toilet Trouble

Excessive toilet paper and unsatisfactory flushing can clog the toiler’s pipes fast. Indeed, flushing toilet papers and other objects is going to bring some consequences. If you have children at home, you need to be extra cautious while they use the toilet and facilities. Educate them about how to use the toilet properly, how to use toilet tissues and teach them what would happen if they don’t obey these guidelines. The toilet is just for one thing; and not a place to play. Make sure all users flush properly. You can paste signage just above the WC to remind users for the same.


Kitchen Clogs

The worst enemy of your kitchen pipes is fats (oil). The bulky shape of the kitchen pipes under the sink can easily accumulate fatty materials. If you are cooking in the cold months with freezing outside temperature, the problem worsens. Using strainers in the sinks is the best solution. It helps you ensure that oils and cooking grease are not getting disposed through the drain. No matter how cautious you are, there would still be some amount of oi land greasy soap element in the pipes. Hence, running hot water for at least 5 minutes down the drains on a periodic basis is mandatory to avoid this problem.


Bathtub Clogs

The most common elements that clog the sink pipes and bathtub quickly, are soap and hair. The best solution is to prevent their storage there in the first place. Put a strainer on the bathtub drain and remove hair from it every time you use the tub. Pour hot water down the tub drains and sink at least twice a month to avoid problems down in the pipes. It is advised not to use chemical solutions for the same as they can damage the pipes’ walls.


Bursting Pipes

As mentioned earlier, this is the worst of all pipe plumbing problems and plumber Singapore receive this complain from most of the households. To avoid this problem, first, try to know the pipes that are most vulnerable to freeze. Usually, these are the ones running along the external walls on the side of the home that doesn’t get enough sun. Using pipe insulators can help avoid freezing or you may also install the electric heating tape. If these pipes are unreachable, you may leave the sink water dripping. If you are going on vacation and there is no one in the home, just turn off the main water valve.

A lot of pipe problems can be avoided in the first place if you ensure regular maintenance and little prevention. For all your pipe plumbing problems, get professional services from