Day: November 14, 2019

Measures to Solve Floor Trap Choke & Drain Choke Issues

One of the widespread plumbing problems in every household is floor trap choke or drain choke. The most common reason behind this problem is accumulation of residue and dirt in the pipes. Often excessive amount of dirt and hair stuck over the drain and smaller particles go inside the pipe, leading to clogging.

With clogged pipes, comes the problem of floor trap choke and drain choke, which implies the floor traps are filled with these particles and the water is not draining properly. The question is how to fix it easily. Fast plumber in Singapore help households avoid these chokes by sharing the valuable remedies in this article.

Measures to Avoid/Fix Drain Choke/Floor Trap choke

Get the Right Tools


Fixing a clogged pipe or clearing a clogged floor trap choke requires the right set of plumbing tools. You can easily find these tools in the market. Most of the professional fast plumbers in Singapore are using high-quality plumbing tools to fix these problems in no time.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance helps your drainage pipes avoid clogging. Sometimes items like dirt, hair, dust particles and other elements enter the pipes and cause a clog. A professional and reliable plumber that is expert in solving common plumbing problems like pipe clogging (click here to know how to avoid the common pipe problems), can help you detect the early signs of the clogs and prevent it from worsening, with timely pipe inspection and maintenance.

Lint catcher Installed on washing machine

Lint are small fabric pieces that sometime get into the washing machine. They work their way through the drain and clog the floor trap. Installing a lint catcher on the washing machine would help you catch these pieces to dispose them off without damaging the drainage system.

Use Anti-bacterial drain cleaners

Periodic use of anti-bacterial drain cleaner keeps the drain clear from organic matters like food or hair that are trapped in the drainage pipe. Most of the bacterial drain cleaners are usually non-corrosive, so they don’t cause any harm to the pipe lines.

Don’t dispose cooking oil down the sink

Cooking oil gets easily accumulated in the pipe and forms a semi-solid state if left unattended or untouched for long time. If you pour oil down the sink, it clogs together with other materials that get stuck on it, eventually causing a choke. To avoid this, dispose the used cooking oil in the trash.

Don’t dispose food down the sink

Here food means the food waste; the tiny pieces of grains, rice or anything left on the used plate/bowl. The food waste also gets accumulated in the drainage with time because of its natural properties. Installing a waste catcher in the sink will stop any food stuff entering the drainage. 

Install Hair catcher

Soaps and hair are the key causes of shower drain clogs. Installing a wire mash over the drainage will catch any hair before it enters the drainage. You can easily dispose of the collected hairs in the trash by removing them from wire mash from a floor trap.

Following these measures will surely help you solve floor trap or drain choke problems, up to a significant extent. For professional plumbing services, please contact us at