Day: January 29, 2020

10 Basic Pipe Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Have you recently encountered a pipe leak or a bursting pipe at home? Or maybe something like that happened to your neighbour, friend or relative? No matter what brought you here in this post, we’re glad you’ve found your way. Today, we’ll share a helpful 10-item list of things that you can do right now to prevent any pipe-related plumbing problems in your house. Notice, we said, “right now” because these tips are easily understandable and applicable and you can do them right after reading them!


Clean the sink and bathroom drain

The most important step is sometimes the simplest, like regularly cleaning your sink and bathroom drains to avoid drain clogging. Drain clogging is directly connected to pipe leakage because when your drain always clogs, your pipes will also be weakened. Regular cleaning can be as easy as once a week.


Clean the P-trap

If you always cook and wash the dishes with heavy stains and food particles all the time, you must check the condition of your p-trap as well. Sometimes, the drain does not clog, but the p-trap is in danger. A clogged or even a nearly clogged p-trap under the sink can cause a pipe damage that requires water pipe leaking repair pros to solve.


Inspect for leaks

Needless to say, you have to have routine inspections of your home plumbing to see if there are leaks. Check the faucets, the connections under the toilet bowl, the steel plumbing under the bathroom sink, the pipes connected to the bathtub and all the hidden plumbing pipes that you can check. See if there are leaks because pipe leaks do not only damage your home plumbing system but degrades the structural integrity of your home too.


Insulate your pipes

Consider insulating your home plumbing pipes to protect them from extreme weather.


Regulate water pressure

Try installing a water pressure regulator in your main water valve and set the intensity to normal or lower than normal. This regulated setting can protect your plumbing pipes from bursting when there’s a sudden rise in water pressure within your home plumbing.


Consider a grease separator

Do you know that there’s actually a so-called grease separator that you can install in your home plumbing system? This plumbing equipment works by letting oil and grease particles float on top so they can be separated from the water that flows out of your house from the drain. This way, you can prevent clogging at home.

Consider installing this grease separator at home or in your restaurant, shop and business as part of your role in maintaining a good drainage system in the country. As you may know, the PUB itself carries out structural repairs of drains, canals and waterways to ensure the correct and unimpeded water flow from domestic sources to the sewers.


Avoid cleaners with harmful chemicals

You may have loved the immediate and obvious effects of chemical-based cleaners in your own home. But take note that these chemicals may harm your plumbing. Some of them are listed here:

  • Phthalates
  • Perchloroethylene or “PERC”
  • Triclosan
  • Quarternary Ammonium Compounds, or “QUATS”
  • 2-Butoxyethanol
  • Ammonia
  • Chlorine
  • Sodium Hydroxide

These and more chemicals can harm your cast iron pipes and your septic system. In may occasions, toilet bowls get clogged because of the plumbing parts residue that get chipped off caused by harmful chemicals. This plumbing problem requires toilet bowl choke Singapore pros’ expertise to be fixed.


Try natural cleaners

The alternatives to chemical-based cleaners are all over the internet, but for us, the most effective ones are baking powder, lemon, or white vinegar along with hot water. These natural cleaners have 0% chance of


Do your research

At the end of the day, each household has its own unique traits. Each family and each business has people in it with their own unique lifestyle and we understand that some of these tips may not work for you. Therefore, this second to the last tip we’re giving you is to do your research about the best applicable pipe maintenance tips in your own home.


Hire licensed pros for a maintenance checkup

Who says you need the pros every now and then? No! If you are diligent enough to get your home plumbing inspected annually, you will save yourself from repeated repairs.