Day: February 27, 2020

Plumbing supplies and tools that you need at home

Yes, the tedious job to replace water heater and toilet bowl and to unclog sink and drain belongs to the professional plumbers. But even when you can rely on these pros to solve your plumbing issues 24/7, it’s very important for you, as a homeowner, to have the basic plumbing tools in your basement or under the sink.

Every household in Singapore and anywhere in the world should have the essential tools that will help them solve even the most basic plumbing problems at home. Things like plunger, sink auger, pipe wrench, and hacksaw are tools that you must have and know how to use.

Here’s a list that you’ll need for your own home:


No matter how highly advanced or modern your bathroom or kitchen may be, you better have a plunger somewhere in your house. A plunger is your first resort, the first thing to get hold of when your drain clogs or when your toilet bowl don’t flush water and dirt normally.

Take note that you should have at least two plungers at home –  one for the sink and one for the toilet bowl. Additionally, you can have another extra for the floor trap. There are different kinds of plungers out there that are specifically designed for each plumbing component where it is needed. The one in the photo for example is specially created for  sink and basin.


Plumbing tape

Hate that sound of a leaking faucet on the sink? We do too! But you wouldn’t normally call a plumber for something as simple as that, right? There are certain things you need to take into consideration when calling for a plumber, like your time to spare for the job to be done or whether you have the new faucet to replace the old one with.

In cases like a simple faucet leak, you can delay calling a plumber and for the meantime, tape the part of the faucet where it is leaking. It’s a different story, of course, when he leaking part of the faucet is the spout, for which you might need immediate repair. A plumbing tape is always helpful for faucet leaks, pipe leaks, and some other plumbing fittings because they prevent leaks and help thread plumbing connections together.


Screw, Pipes, and Plumbing Fittings

Sometimes, you don’t really need to hire a plumbing professional to replace some basic parts of your sink or toilet bowl. With a little research and  instructional youtube videos, you can fix them yourself. Just make sure you have screws and spare plumbing fittings such as pipes, faucet, faucet handle, couplings, plugs, valves, adaptors, and more. Ask your plumber who installed the original fittings in your home about the specifications or sizes of fittings that you need should a repair be necessary.


Adjustable spanners

These tools are truly useful for any household whenever a minor plumbing issue confronts you. You don’t need plumber skills to do this at all. It works pretty much like any simple handyman tool to turn nuts and bolts in place.