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Jurong is a well-known region in southwest Singapore that covers a huge chunk of land and some offshore islands. Since the 1960’s it has been industrialised and redeveloped to become one of the most urbanized regions in the country. Despite its modernization, it still houses natural spots like the Pandan Reservoir and some water bodies.

Fast Plumber SG is ready to serve the whole Jurong area 24/7! Our team of experienced plumbers are equipped to provide simple to complicated plumbing services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients within the area. Fast Plumber SG has been doing plumbing jobs in Singapore for over two decades. We solve a wide range of plumbing issues including sink & tap replacement, pipe bursting, manhole choke, replace water heater, toilet bowl choke, floor trap choke, kitchen sink & basin choke, tap and piping leaking, and everything in between. Call us at +65 9638 7575 anytime for your plumbing needs.

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