Bidet Spray Installation or Replacement


More than just a luxurious addition to the bathroom, bidets have been toilet bowl fixtures of convenience and necessity in every Singaporean household. In HDB buildings, landed properties, and private apartments and condominiums, a bidet is a must-have for a comfortable and more convenient experience.

For the past decade, we have been hired to install bidets in newly constructed buildings and properties. We have also been getting bidet installation jobs for old properties where this fixture has not been installed before. Here are some of the types of bidets that we use for our projects.

Handheld spray

The most common type that homeowners prefer is the handheld spray type of bidet that can either be attached to the toilet seat or wall-mounted, both of which works manually. This kind of bidet is used by pressing the stainless steel handle so that a spray of water can come out. Some handheld spray bidets are imbued with a mechanism to control the pressure of water coming out.

Over the rim

Over the rim bidet is an old and unique bidet type that is attached over the rim at the back part of the toilet bowl down. It’s less common than a household spray bidet because the spray of water coming from this type of bidet is difficult to control. It operates like a faucet at the back part of the toilet bowl that you turn on or off by moving handle.

Bidet toilet seat

Probably the most luxurious type of bidet that we have installed in homes and hotels is that which is attached directly to the toilet bowl. The water pressure and direction can be controlled through a control panel or a remote control. These are usually electronic bidets that come with the toilet seat, so the installation is on the whole toilet bowl system itself. Some of these bidets emit a horizantal or a vertical spray of water. The most advanced and most expensive ones have a water heater function for comfort and hygiene and self-cleaning nozzles to keep the fixture clean from germs and residues.

The bidet advantage

Using bidet is considered a more hygienic way of washing after using the toilet bowl. Compared to dry tissue or wet wipes, bidet makes it more convenient to thoroughly clean the body parts in question after using the toilet bowl. If you install the advanced bidets with adjustable pressure and water temperature, you will definitely have a more luxurious experience.

Our Experience

Our experience with bidet installation covers both residential and commercial properties. We have installed different types of bidet systems in hotels, households, shops, and business establishments. We are also capable of replacing old bidet systems for new and advanced ones which operate electronically. Along with your other plumbing replacement and repair needs, you can contact Fast Plumber SG to install, repair, or replace your bidet at home or in your shop and commercial buildings. We do bidet installation and replacement in all areas of Singapore at any time of the day.