Clogged Drain Repair


We encounter our drain everyday and it’s not a good scenario when you see it filled with mold and dirt. But the worst condition of our drain is when it’s clogged and you try to solve it but to no avail.

Based on our experience as plumbers in Singapore, the causes of drain clogs are really very common. They can easily be prevented if everyone in the house is informed of the do’s and don’ts when draining water from the sink. As such, here are the most common causes of clogged drains in a Singaporean household.


Let’s admit it, most of the time we delay in cleaning the drain because we have better things to do. This practice always results to clogging. Without regularly cleaning the sink and drain, you can expect grease buildup sooner than you will notice.

Grease comes from oil residue and fats from the food that we eat. They stick to the pan, the plates, and the utensils that we use for eating. When we wash the dishes on the sink everyday, these oils and fats will not get drained with water but will stay in the p-trap, which is the pipe under the sink. In the early stages of the build up, you will not notice anything. But slowly, as the grease adds up, you will notice slow and poor drainage in the sink. That’s the sign that the buildup is already increasing and will become a clog soon. Since that’s the case, you should aim to clean at least once a week.

Solid Matter

Sometimes, when the drain covering of our sink is removed from its place, solid matter can directly enter the pipes and the p-trap. You may notice it or you may not. In either case, that solid matter, will fast become a cause of clogging.


Piles and balls of hair are the common things that we get from the p-trap or the drainage system in the shower area whenever we are called to do drain unclogging. No wonder this is the top 3 cause of drain clogging in Singapore households.

Pipe Breakage

Another cause of drain clogging is pipe breakage which commonly happens when you install a weak pipe material in your plumbing system. Weak pipes get easily damaged by natural elements and a sudden surge in water pressure. When home plumbing pipe starts to break, it exposes the drainage system to foreign materials like rocks, plants, small household items that can enter the cracks.

Our Experience

Fast Plumber SG has been helping homeowners to solve Singapore drain clogging problems. For decades now, drain clogging has been one of the top plumbing issues that we are being called to solve. From landed properties to HDBs, we have the right tools, equipment, and effective methods to do drain unclogging. We also have enough manpower in all areas islandwide to come to your exact location to perform the job. Our 24/7 plumbers in Singapore cover all districts, cities, and towns in the whole country.