Floor Trap Choke


A floor trap, also called floor drain, is that small plumbing component attached to the floor of the bathroom, with a series of pipes connected to it underneath. It has small openings that allow for water to enter.

Purposes of the floor trap choke

Drain water from the bathroom

The floor trap is a plumbing component that allows water to flow from the bathroom into the sewer lines for proper disposal of waste water. The floor trap is usually found in the shower area. But when there is a divider between the shower and the toilet area, the floor traps should be installed in both parts.

Prevent foul smell from sewers

Not all of us know that the floor trap in our bathrooms actually serves this purpose. In fact, some floor traps have a self-cleansing mechanism because it is connected to the sewer line. With this mechanism, the fumes and smell coming from the sewers will not enter your bathroom.

Prevent insects from sewers

Aside from the smell, insects and pests are also present in the sewers. Floor traps also block these insects from entering our bathrooms.

What are the causes of floor trap choke?


Since floor traps are inside the bathroom, hair strands from persons taking the shower are the number one cause of clogging. This is understandable because you cannot control the amount of hair that falls with every shower that happens inside the bathroom. However, floor trap choke due to hair strands can be prevented by regularly removing hair that accumulates in the trap.

Foreign objects

Just like for our toilet bowl, we should also be strict not to drain or spill any foreign solid objects on the bathroom floor drain at any time. Foreign objects such as food particles, hair and body product plastics, clips, hair accessories, and the likes don’t have a place on the bathroom floor. What usually happens is that we place these items on top of the sink or flushing component of the toilet bowl from which the items fall, then into the floor trap. We advise that you install floating shelves on the bathroom walls where you can place these small items.

Solidified grease

Cooking oils, sauces, and other food stuff should remain in the kitchen. They should not be spilled or drained on the bathroom floor at any time because these food particles may solidify inside the floor trap and cause clogging.

Our Experience

Floor trap cleaning and unclogging should be done with extreme caution. You must use the right equipment and methods to ensure that the floor trap choke will never happen again. Sometimes, regular cleaning is enough to prevent the floor trap from clogging, but when the cause is a foreign object, a pile of solid grease, or some malfunctioning component, of the floor trap you should get professional assistance from plumbing experts.

Our years of experience in the industry allowed us to explore more ways of solving floor trap choke the efficient way. We’ve also accumulated tools and equipment to handle floor trap choke effectively.