Kitchen Sink & Basin Choke


Our kitchen sink at home is where the action takes place when we prepare, cook, and wash the dishes. Most homeowners these days see their kitchen sink as an element of a beautiful home interior. This is the reason why they are picky with the style and size. As such, here are some kitchen sink designs that have surfaced in the last few years in response to the demand of homeowners for different styles.

Common kitchen sink problems

Aerator clogging

Aerator is the part of the faucet that prevents splashing and provides a bit of filtration to the water that comes out of from the faucet. However, when the aerator in your tap is not durable or it has been used for many years, problems start to show up that affects the water flow in your home. One such problem is the clogging of the aerator due to the calcium and limescale deposits inside.

P-trap clogging

Another common issue that confronts homeowners is the P-trap clogging. At first glance, this plumbing problem seems to require the help of professional plumbers. But if you have the right tools at home, you can easily address the clogging of your sink’s p-trap by dismantling it and removing the grease and dirt deposits.

Faucet component damage

There are other components in your faucet and sink that can get rusty and damaged in time. The o-ring and handle can loosen up, the metal parts can get rusty, and the water channels can get clogged. They can result to multiple problems and may even risk the safety of your family.

Contaminated water

Since we drink our water straight from the sink, it is very important to ensure the best condition of our sink and tap. If our faucet is filled with mineral deposits and dirt, the health of our family will be at risk. If we’re not careful enough, water contamination inside our own home can go unnoticed.

Low water pressure

Dirt and limescale deposits as well as malfunctioning faucet components can result to low water pressure from the faucet. When the o-ring, bonnet, spindle, and valve start to develop problems, your faucet may transmit a weak water flow. This can hamper our daily activities like cooking and washing.

Water leaks

You may wonder why your water bill suddenly surges up. Check for water leaks inside and outside your house. Plumbing leaks will not only increase your water bill unnecessarily but they may also damage your items that are affected by the water leaks.

Sink clogs

Another sink-related problem that irritates homeowners is the sudden clogging of the sink. When you don’t have the tools or knowledge to solve them, you won’t be able to accomplish your activities that require a normal and fully functioning sink.

Our Experience

As a two-decade plumbing company in Singapore, dealing with and solving kitchen sink problems have been a regular part of what we do. When homeowners are at a loss on how to fix faucet leaks or increase water pressure in their house, we come to their rescue with our experienced plumbers and advanced repair tools. Whatever type or size of sink, we are sure to handle it.