Manhole Choke


Probably one of the worst plumbing problems that can happen to a community is a severe clog on the manhole or sewer line. This is an issue that can only be addressed by professional and experienced plumbing contractors who have the expertise in solving manhole and sewer line problems. A high-level plumbing issue like this is often caused by a long-time clogging problem that has reached its peak severity.

What is a Manhole?

A manhole is that opening on the ground surface that is big enough to fit a person. The manhole is a channel to the sewer line that allows a person to access the sewer line for cleaning, construction, or repair purposes.

Common causes of manhole clogging

Severe clogging

We are always warned not to throw solid materials or even tissue paper in the toilet bowl. The reason is that this practice by many people can cause the clogging of the sewer line. When solid materials that do not naturally dissolve in water pile up in the sewer lines, severe clogging can take place. This is the most common cause of sever manhole clogs.

Damaged sewer lines

The sewer line is composed of durable and heavy-duty materials that were put up by plumbing construction pros. But in time, even the sturdiest sewer line component can rust, wear off, and get damaged. When this happens, the damaged sewer line may not be able to perform its job, causing the manhole to clog.

Damaged pipes

Another reason for the nightmare scenario of a clogged sewer line is a series of damaged pipes. There are many reasons for damaged pipes that are connected to the sewers, like corrosion of the metallic materials, calcium, and limescale inside the pipe network. Damaged pipes may also be caused by construction or repair works being undertaken in the locality. Sometimes, when commercial-grade equipment is used for local repair and construction works, pipes leading to the sewers can be affected.

Our Experience

Fast Plumber SG works not only for homeowners but for business owners and even industrial clients. Our two decades of working in the plumbing industry gave us the experience to solve large-scale and complicated issues such as sewer line clogging and a manhole choke. We have learned the ins and outs of addressing a manhole clogging problem, having accepted such jobs in some areas here in Singapore.