New Installation or Re-piping of Stainless Steel Pipe


For so many decades now since the beginning of plumbing history, stainless steel pipes have always been there. Even in Singapore, it’s a type of pipes that is usually preferred because of its durability and a relatively reasonable cost.

Plus, steel pipes look minimal and neat which makes them suitable either indoors or outdoors against any color of a property where it is installed.

Temperature resistant

The main advantage of using a stainless steel pipe in your plumbing system is that it is strong enough to resist different temperatures and weather conditions. Whether you place it inside or outside the building, it will not be affected by the water temperature or an extremely hot weather. Compared to PVCs, PEXs, and other plastic pipes which are disadvantageous to use outdoors because of their weakness against UV rays, stainless steel pipes can be installed anywhere in the building without getting damaged.


Because it is resistant to corrosion, stainless steel pipes are used in different applications near the coastal areas. This is another good property of stainless steel pipes that make them suitable for plumbing systems. They are easier to maintain than the other types like the galvanized pipes where rust buildup happens inside the pipes.

Reasonable cost

There are only a few types of plumbing pipes that are stronger than stainless steel but they are definitely more expensive. Pipes made out of cast iron may be more durable and temperature resistant than stainless steel but they are also more expensive. Cast iron pipes’ application is usually restricted for industrial purposes because of the cost.


Stainless steel pipes are also available in different shapes and sizes and can be adjusted through welding during the installation or construction phase. Compared to the more rigid types of pipes like brass, copper, and cast iron, stainless steel pipes can easily be cut and customized through welding.

Chemical resistant

Lastly, stainless steel pipes are preferred for their resistance to chemicals. They usually don’t react when coming in contact with any chemical. This means that the water or liquid travelling through these pipes will not be altered in composition even when some chemicals are present in the pipe surface.

Installation and Re-piping Process

Installing stainless steel pipes in a Singaporean household can last for a few hours or for a couple of days. The time period depends on the number of pipes to be installed. On the other hand, re-piping of the whole plumbing system in one HDB unit or apartment can last for weeks. Our experienced plumbers in Fast Plumber SG take out time when installing and re-piping stainless steel pipes to ensure durability of the structure and safety of our clients.

Our Experience

With our plumbing construction and repair experience, stainless steel installation and repiping is a common job for us. We do small-scale and large-scale installations in homes and commercial properties. We have reliable experience in handling complete home repiping of stainless steel pipes and new installation in a newly built shop, residential property or commercial establishment and in newly renovated units.