Replace Water Heater


Our home water heater remains to be one of the most favourite parts of our bathroom. It gives us the relaxation that we need after a long day and prepares us for a good night sleep. That’s why when our water heater suddenly breaks down, we need professional help to repair it. Normally, a modern water heater should last for many years if used under normal circumstances without straining it too much. But there are causes that lead to a broken water heater and they are the following.

Common problems

The smell problem

Let’s start with the issue that least occurs based on our experience as plumbers for twenty years. Smelly hot water coming from the water heater happens when the anode rod inside the equipment gets corroded or damaged. The anode rod is an important part of the water heater that prevents the equipment fro rusting. However, the anode rod needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 years.

Coloured water

As we’ve said, the anode rod is an important component of water heater and when damaged, it not only causes a smelly water but a rusty water too. If you don’t want to experience rusty and smelly hot water in your favourite bathroom equipment, you should religiously replace the anode rod at least every three years. You can also judge from the looks of the anode rod if it can still perform the job.

Low water pressure

We don’t want that scenario when the water flow and pressure from our heater gets too weak that we don’t enjoy the hot bath experience. But low water pressure in the heater is one of the most common complaints of homeowners. Low water heater can happen in many parts of the plumbing system, but when it happens with the water heater alone, the reason could be clogging and other issues on the pipes connected to the water heater. Better check the pipes or have them inspected by pros.

Slow heating

This one is a common complaint or enquiry that we get from homeowners. The quick answer could be that there are so many outlets, faucets, or shower heads in your home that uses hot water all at the same time. This makes it hard for the water heater to distribute hot water into the different outlets demanding it. It could also be that the thermostat of your water heater is wrongly adjusted or is malfunctioning. Depending on the issue, you can just correct the thermostat adjustment or replace the thermostat component of your water heater.

Our Experience

Our first advice to homeowners inquiring about their water heater problems is to observe the issue for a day or less, depending on the severity of the problem. Usually, after a day of observation, and the problem still stays or even get worse, you have to call professional plumbers to at least inspect your plumbing system. Otherwise, the damaged anode rod may totally contaminate your hot water for an undesirable and unhygienic bathing experience. The electrical components of your water heater may also be compromised if you don’t replace them or repair right away. Let us bring to you our over twenty years of experience in plumbing repair as we replace your water heater at home.