Sink & Tap Replacement


For your kitchen and bathroom to look neat and beautiful, it’s important to choose the right sink and tap. They are some of the most common components of these two home areas that we first purchase when constructing or remodeling our home interior. But more than the beauty of the sink and tap, you must also consider the functionality and durability of the material that you will buy for these two plumbing components.

Why should you replace your sink and tap?

Clogged P-trap

Let’s begin with something that easily happens to every household. When you’re not careful as to which items get drained on the sink, this can easily happen in your kitchen sink. A clogged p-trap is more complicated than a simple drain clog because the particles or matter that clogs the drain get into the u-shaped thick pipe under the sink. This usually requires dismantling of the p-trap for cleaning and unclogging purposes.

Faucet leaks

Leaks in the faucet can be caused by faulty plumbing components. When your tap is old or has corroded parts, expect faucet leaks to follow.

Low water pressure

When you use the water outlets in your home simultaneously, it can result to low water pressure and it’s okay. But when low water pressure is caused by some clogs in the plumbing pipes or a malfunctioning component, it has to be addressed the soonest. Low water pressure hampers our activities in the kitchen and slows down our tasks.

Kitchen sink designs

If you’re encountering some irreparable sink and tap issues in your home, it may be the best time to do a revamp to your kitchen and sink. This can give you a more convenient and comfortable experience every time you do your kitchen activities, and it will also give your family a safer and more luxurious experience.

Single bowl sink

This is the most common type of sink with just one bowl for all the purposes you might have for a sink.

Double-bowl sink

This allows for more flexibility because you can perform the regular washing activities in one bowl while soaking some plates or items on the other.

Prep sink

This is an attachment or add-on to a regular sink. A prep sink’s size ranges from 12-15 inches, which is relatively smaller than a regular one. This is perfect for fruit washing, secondary cooking prep area, or simply a small sink where you can wash small items.

Apron front sink

What makes it different is that the sink area extends to the front, creating a wall next to the person using the sink. This type has a country look to it.

Modern integrated sink

Modern integrated sinks are usually installed into marble or stone countertops. They may have integrated soap containers and a sleeker look than an ordinary one-basin sink.

Our Experience

As plumbers in Singapore for more than two decades, we have done sink and tap replacement, turning the old and rusty into new and more functional ones. While some homeowners can try to install these fixtures on their own using his handyman tools, some installation problems might result to more complicated plumbing issues in the future. For a vital home plumbing system installation like this, the safest route is to contact professional plumbers to handle the job.