Toilet Bowl Choke


One of the worst nightmares you can ever face in the morning just before going to your workplace is finding out that your toilet bowl is clogged. This will immediately make you grab the plunger and solve the clog on your own. On some occasions, this is fine and effective. But when the cause is not a simple clog, that’s when you need to investigate the problem more and get professional assistance.

Common causes of toilet bowl choke

Inappropriate trash

We are always reminded not to throw any kind of trash into the toilet bowl except human waste. Our home toilet bowl can last longer without any issue if we use it solely as intended, and not as a trash bin. It’s better to have a real and actual trash bin inside the bathroom with a close proximity to the toilet bowl so we will not be tempted to throw anything into the toilet bowl.

Old toilet bowl model

Toilet bowls that were manufactured 20 to 30 years ago or earlier are usually designed with a weaker flushing pressure. If that’s the type of toilet bowl that you have, better replace it as soon as possible. This kind of toilet bowl doesn’t have a mechanism that is strong enough to clean the inner trap and drain. Therefore, they tend to be more prone to a toilet choke than a modern toilet bowl.

Sewer network problems

Sometimes, the problem is not in the actual toilet bowl or its component but on the sewer line network or pipe connected to it. This is one of those cases when a professional plumber should come in and inspect the problem. When the sewer line components are problematic, this can lead to water backflow and other more complicated plumbing issues.

Dangers of not fixing them

Recurring clogging

Not that we’re saying that a regular plunger is not okay to use. But sometimes, when you keep solving the toilet bowl choke with a plunger, the real issue is not being addressed. This may cause the clogging to repeat over and over, compromising the structural integrity of your toilet bowl.

Unhygienic toilet

When clogging recurs and the bigger problem that lies beneath is not addressed, this will result into bacteria build up right inside your toilet bowl. Bacteria breed on dirt that is left on the surface, no matter how tiny it could be. If your toilet bowl keeps on clogging, then you’re risking bacteria buildup in your bathroom.

Our Experience

In our over twenty years of plumbing inspection, repair, and installation experience, we’ve handled several toilet bowl choke problems along the way. We work with homeowners, business owners, and industrial customers in the area of toilet bowl choke repair and just about any plumbing problem. More than just a plunger, we have the right equipment to get to the bottom of toilet bowl choke issues.

We have worked with clients all over Singapore to repair their toilet bowls with malfunctioning components that cause clogging. We address clogging at its core to make sure that the toilet bowl choke won’t happen again.