Water Heater Repair


In Singapore, water heater is a very common bathroom fixture that you will see in each home. Everyone loves a hot bath for relaxation after a full day or to keep the body warm during the cold season. Normally, a home water heater dos not malfunction and can even last for a whole decade without encountering any problem. That is, if the installation was great and if it is used carefully every time.

In our experience, broken water heaters are caused by incorrect usage or a wrong installation that manifests itself a year after the job was done. Have you experienced a broken water heater? Do you notice something off with what you have in the bathroom? Here are the common water heater problems that we usually face when called to perform water heater repair in Singapore homes.


Do you have a huge constant demand for hot water for all the bathrooms and kitchen sink inside your house? If you do and your water heater suddenly stops heating water or totally breaks down, an overload could be the reason. Overloading happens when too much hot water is demanded or required from your different water outlets inside the house and the demand far exceeds what your water heater can provide.

Incorrect temperature

You may experience water coming out from your water heater that is too hot or too cold than what you intended to have. You may have tried adjusting the thermostat but the temperature remains unchanged. If it is just a slow change of temperature, which could be an interval of a few seconds, that’s not a cause for alarm.

A delay in the change of temperature is normal when you adjust the thermostat of the heater. But if there is no change at all or the delay is too long, something may be wrong in the components of your water heater.

Mineral buildup

A very common reason for water heater malfunction is the mineral deposit that piles up inside the equipment. When this happens, hard water will come out of your water heater due to the magnesium and mineral buildup. This can only be prevented by doing a twice-a-year cleaning of the water heater. You can do this by flushing out your bathroom fixture with a descaling cleaner.

Vent pipe blockage

If your water heater is the type that has a component called a venting pipe, then the trouble could be in that part of the fixture. Sometimes, a foreign material blocks the vents, causing your equipment’s incomplete process of heating the water. When this happens, you should check for possible blockages in the venting pipes.

Our Experience

Surprisingly, water heater repair is one of the top 5 plumbing problems that Fast Plumber SG is called to solve. We keep receiving calls and messages from homeowners who need help with broken water heater and they are usually clueless as to cause. Water heaters normally last for up to ten years before replacement is necessary. So if you have a malfunctioning or a broken water heater, a repair job may be the most appropriate solution to that.